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Rock River Internet is pleased to announce our entry into the Business Telephone sector. We are now offering VoIP based business telephone systems, Internet based telephone service, design services, custom programming, and support.

Brief History

Rock River Internet has been developing and experimenting with VoIP (Voice-Over-IP) based phone systems since early 2004. This has been a focused effort to expand into a natural vertical market. VoIP has become a worldwide revolution that has been overtaking legacy phone networks. Much of today's long distance traffic is transported using VoIP without public knowledge. We hope to capitalize on our expertise and experience in providing reliable IP services to businesses. That along with our reputation for excellent technical support should carry us well into this very similar business model.

On April 10, 2004 we replaced our office phone system with our first production VoIP business system. This system was based on Asterisk software running on the Linux OS and using Cisco IP phones. We used this as our first production test bed and maintained a development server for experimentation with new code, new phones, and new features.

This marriage of brand name state-of-the-art business phones and well known open source software running on proven reliable computer servers has been our vision since we started in this direction.

During the past several years we have experimented with a variety of phones, options, accessories, and calling plans, and have developed standard packaged products for the business market with support plans and customization for our customers' special needs.

Our first business customer VoIP system was sold and installed in September 2005. The customer is an Internet based sales organization with two sales offices handling a large volume of nationwide sales and support calls.

We began selling VoIP based phone systems to other businesses in early 2006.

Our systems are based on hardware and software that has been field proven and supported worldwide. We are using name brands such as Asterisk, Digium, Cisco, Polycom, and Linksys, SuperMicro, and Sangoma.

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